Mounting an iPad on Ubuntu 19.10

It is quite easy to mount an iPad under Ubuntu Linux. In this article, we'll go through the steps to do so.

Install Software

sudo apt install -y libimobiledevice-dev ifuse ideviceinstaller

Check That the iPad is Connected

First, you need to connect the iPad and make sure that you have confirmed that the remote device (your Linux PC) may access it, something that you do on the iPad itself. Then you may execute the command below to verify that there's a connection:

dmesg | grep ipheth

You should get two lines stating that ipheth is active and that a device was found (in my case, it reports an iPhone rather than an iPad, but this procedure works nonetheless).

List Apps on the iPad

ideviceinstaller -l

You need to take record of the first part, before the first comma (,), as that is what you'll be using when you mount an application's Documents folder below.

Mount an App's Document Folder

ifuse --documents com.readdle.ReaddleDocsIPad /mnt

The part given after --documents is the app name from the list you got above. In this case, it is the excellent "Documents" app by Readdle that is being mounted.

Compare Local Files with iPad's Files

diff -r /path/to/local/files /mnt

Synchronize Local files to iPad

Here you need to use a tool like rsync or the like to synchronize files to the iPad. The advantage is that, say, rsync will only copy the missing and altered files, probably saving tons of time.